God So Loved the World

De calvinist John Piper was 33 jaar lang predikant van de Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis (Minnesota). In mei 2009 hield hij twee preken over Joh. 3:16, onder de titel ‘God So Loved the World’. Bekijk de video onderaan deze pagina.

The greatest realities that exist: God. Love. The world. The Son of God. Faith. Perishing forever. Living forever. Whoever #John316

God is free. And it is He, not we, who has the final say in who among the spiritually rebellious & dead will be raised to new life #John316

None of us deserves to be made alive. And none of us has the power to make it happen. If anybody is rescued, God does it #John316

There are great & awesome things to be clarified in this verse. Seven massively important words – representing 7 great realities #John316

Such a foundational verse is not just for beginners. It is high-level, high-voltage shock therapy for our struggles #John316

Nothing you can imagine worse than having the omnipotent God oppose you with righteous wrath forever. That’s what perishing means #John316

The preacher’s job is to minimize his own opinions and deliver the truth of God. Therefore, it is mainly Bible exposition #John316

Preaching is also exultation. The preacher and the people exult over what is in the Bible as it is being explained and applied #John316

Preaching does not come after worship in the order of the service. Preaching ís worship – John Piper #John316

I won’t preach twenty minutes but twice that long; I do not aim to be immediately practical but eternally helpful – John Piper #John316

God’s love is indiscriminate. We may, therefore, say to every human being: “God loves you” – John Piper #John316

There is a greater love than the love of #John316. Those of you who believe on Christ, God wants you to know yourself loved, not only… (1/2)

…with universal love of #John316, but also with his death-conquering, hardness-removing, faith-creating, personal covenant love (2/2)

Written on the outside of the gate of heaven are the words “Whosoever will may come”. And on the other side of that… (1/3) #John316

…gate, which you can read from the inside, is written: “Chosen before the foundation of the world” – D.L. Moody (2/3) #John316

And I would only add: Yes, and the Gospel of John is meant to be read before you walk through the gate – John Piper (3/3) #John316