Andrew Bonar

When God comes to a man He does not only say “Arise, receive!” but “Arise, shine!” – Andrew Bonar

Meditation = letting God speak to us till our heart is throbbing – Andrew Bonar

It is more humbling for us to take what grace offers, than to bewail our wants and worthlessness – Andrew Bonar

“There is no man that sinneth not.”
This truth is the hypocrite’s pillow, but the believer’s bed of thorns – Andrew Bonar

We have got more from Paul’s prison-house than from his visit to the third heaven – Andrew Bonar

Faith keeps us, but God keeps our faith – Andrew Bonar

Let us be as watchful after the victory as before the battle – Andrew Bonar

We should be always wearing the garment of praise, not just waving a palm branch now and then – Andrew Bonar

Prayer = seed sown on the heart of God – Andrew Bonar

The best part of all Christian work is that part which only God sees – Andrew Bonar

Holiness in what we call small matters, is the surest test of real holiness – Andrew Bonar