Arthur W. Pink

The chief concern and business of the Christian should be – not seeking for ‘marks of grace’, but the practice of obedience – Arthur W. Pink

Avoid as you would a deadly snake any man who denies the law of God is the Christian’s rule of life – Arthur W. Pink

There are Arminians who have presented the ‘free-will’ of man in such a way as to virtually dethrone God – Arthur W. Pink

O how infinitely worthy of our constant thought, meditation, study and love is the blessed One who died that we might live! – Arthur W. Pink

It would make much for our peace and blessedness if we committed the management of the whole of our affairs into the hands of Christ – Arthur W. Pink

There’s a marvelous vitalizing power in God’s eternal Word. Its pastures are ever green & fresh. Its refreshing wells are exhaustless – Arthur W. Pink

If a church does not evangelize it will fossilize – Arthur W. Pink

O may God help us to maintain the balance of truth! – Arthur W. Pink

Beware of allowing any influence to come between your soul and God’s Word – Arthur W. Pink

A Sabbath well spent
brings a week of content
and strength for the toils of the morrow – quoted by Arthur W. Pink

This is a day which calls for plain dealing, not Judas-like kisses – Arthur W. Pink

Growth in grace is growth downward: it is a heartfelt recognition that we are not worthy of the least of God’s mercies – Arthur W. Pink

Grace can neither be bought, earned, nor won by the creature. If it could be, it would cease to be grace – Arthur W. Pink

The mission of the Spirit is threefold;
to glorify Christ,
to vivify the elect,
to edify the saints – Arthur W. Pink

The chief design of the Gospel is to beat down all glorying in ourselves, that we should glory only in the Lord – Arthur W. Pink

Whatever God wills and works is right and must be reverently submitted to, yea, adored by us – Arthur W. Pink

Growth in grace is growth downward: it is a deepening realization of our nothingness – Arthur W. Pink

True liberty is not the power to live as we please, but to live as we ought – Arthur W. Pink

Christ comes with a blessing in each hand; forgiveness in one, holiness in the other – Arthur W. Pink

How vastly different is the God of Scripture from the ‘god’ of the average pulpit! – Arthur W. Pink

The permanence of God’s character guarantees the fulfillment of His promises – Arthur W. Pink

Growth in grace is growth downward: it is the forming of a lower estimate of ourselves – Arthur W. Pink

It is vain to talk about exercising faith in God’s promises until we have exercised repentance for our sins – Arthur W. Pink

The test of Christian knowledge is not how much we understand, but how far our knowledge is affecting our lives – Arthur W. Pink

In the Lord Jesus we have the substance of what Israel had only the shadow – Arthur W. Pink

Error is truth perverted, truth distorted, truth out of proportion – Arthur W. Pink

Faithfulness demands that we speak as plainly about Hell as about Heaven – Arthur W. Pink

Everything about God is great, vast, incomparable. He never forgets, never fails, never falters, never forfeits His word – Arthur W. Pink

It is not the absence of sin but the grieving over it which distinguishes the child of God from empty professors – Arthur W. Pink

Obedience is nothing but faith in exercise, directed by the Divine authority, responding to the Divine will – Arthur W. Pink

Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude – an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God – Arthur W. Pink

Ah! dear reader, there is no real rest for your poor heart until you learn to see the hand of God in everything – Arthur W. Pink

Election is not as some have supposed – harsh and unjust – but is a most merciful provision on the part of God – Arthur W. Pink

A consciousness of our powerlessness should cast us upon Him who has all power – Arthur W. Pink

Divine sovereignty is not the sovereignty of a tyrannical Despot, but the exercised pleasure of One who is infinitely wise and good! – Arthur W. Pink

Real prayer is communion with God, so that there will be common thoughts between His mind and ours – Arthur W. Pink

He cannot change for the better, for He is already perfect; and being perfect, He cannot change for the worse – Arthur W. Pink

No verse of Scripture yields its meaning to lazy people – Arthur W. Pink