Belgic Confession

We look forward to that great day with longing
in order to enjoy fully
the promises of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord – Belgic Confession

The true church governs itself
according to the pure Word of God,
holding Jesus Christ as the only Head – Belgic Confession

The true church:
-pure preaching of the gospel
-pure administration of the sacraments
-church discipline for correcting faults
(Belgic Confession)

The holy church is preserved by God
against the rage of the whole world – Belgic Confession

Suppose we had to find another intercessor
Who would love us more than he who gave his life for us
even though we were enemies? – Belgic Confession

Neither in heaven
nor among the creatures on earth
is there anyone who loves us more
than Jesus Christ does – Belgic Confession

This Mediator,
whom the Father has appointed between himself and us,
ought not terrify us by his greatness – Belgic Confession

We believe that we have no access to God
except through the one and only Mediator & Intercessor,
Jesus Christ the righteous – Belgic Confession

Our poor consciences would be tormented constantly
if they did not rest on the merit
of the suffering and death of our Savior – Belgic Confession

It is impossible
for the holy faith
to be unfruitful
in a human being – Belgic Confession

True faith regenerates us and makes us new creatures,
causing us to live a new life
and freeing us from the slavery of sin – Belgic Confession

We believe that true faith,
produced in us by the hearing of God’s Word
and by the work of the Holy Spirit,
regenerates us – Belgic Confession

We are justified by his grace.
We cling to this foundation,
which is firm forever,
giving all glory to God,
humbling ourselves – Belgic Confession

It is not faith itself that justifies us
for faith is only the instrument
by which we embrace Christ,
our righteousness – Belgic Confession

Jesus Christ is not half a Savior.
We justly say with Paul
that we are justified by faith alone
or by faith apart from works – Belgic Confession

To say that Christ is not enough
but that something else is needed as well
is a most enormous blasphemy against God – Belgic Confession

We rightly say with Paul that
we know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified
We find all comforts in his wounds – Belgic Confession

God is just
in leaving the others in their ruin and fall
into which they plunged themselves – Belgic Confession

God showed himself to be as he is:
merciful and just – Belgic Confession

We believe
that by the disobedience of Adam
original sin has been spread
through the whole human race – Belgic Confession

The doctrine of God’s providence
gives us unspeakable comfort
since it teaches us
that nothing can happen to us by chance – Belgic Confession

In all humility & reverence
we adore the just judgments of God
which are hidden from us
being content to be Christ’s disciples – Belgic Confession

God has given all creatures
their being, form, and appearance
and their various functions
for serving their Creator – Belgic Confession

God makes himself known to us
by his holy & divine Word,
as much as we need in this life,
for God’s glory & for our salvation – Belgic Confession

The universe is like a beautiful book
in which all creatures are as letters
to make us ponder the invisible things of God – Belgic Confession

God is completely wise,
just and good,
and the overflowing source
of all good – Belgic Confession