Canons of Dort

The divine grace of regeneration does not act in people as if they were blocks and stones – Canons of Dort

God opens the closed heart, softens the hard heart, infuses new qualities into the will, making the dead will alive – Canons of Dort

Urgently and most genuinely God makes known in the Word what is pleasing to him: that those who are called should come to God – Canons of Dort

It is the promise of the gospel that whoever believes in Christ crucified shall not perish but have eternal life – Canons of Dort

God in boundless mercy has given us as a guarantee his only begotten Son, who was made to be sin and a curse for us, in our place – Canons of Dort

Daily sins of weakness giving the saints continual cause to humble themselves before God, to flee for refuge to Christ crucified – Canons of Dort

If God’s chosen ones in this world did not have this reliable guarantee of eternal glory, they would be of all people most miserable – Canons of Dort

All who are called through the gospel are called earnestly – Canons of Dort

God does not owe this grace to anyone. For what could God owe to those who have nothing to give that can be paid back? – Canons of Dort

Those who receive grace owe & give eternal thanks to God alone; those who do not receive it do not care at all about spiritual things – Canons of Dort

The death of God’s Son is the only and entirely complete sacrifice and satisfaction for sins; it is of infinite value and worth – Canons of Dort

They sometimes lose the awareness of grace for a time – until, after they have returned, God’s fatherly face again shines upon them – Canons of Dort

In order that people may be brought to faith, God mercifully sends messengers of this very joyful message – Canons of Dort

God is not only supremely merciful, but also supremely just – Canons of Dort

God works in us the regeneration without our help – Canons of Dort

In their awareness & assurance of the election God’s children daily find greater cause to adore the fathomless depth of God’s mercies – Canons of Dort

Regeneration is not less than or inferior in power to that of creation or of raising the dead – Canons of Dort

Godly parents ought not to doubt the election and salvation of their children whom God calls out of this life in infancy – Canons of Dort

In this life believers cannot fully understand the way the work of regeneration occurs – Canons of Dort

The bride of Christ has always loved the teaching of perseverance very tenderly and defended it steadfastly as a priceless treasure – Canons of Dort

For the godly, looking upon the face of the gracious God is sweeter than life, but its withdrawal is more bitter than death – Canons of Dort