Herman Bavinck

God’s people are holy and called to be holy, set apart by God to be conformed to his Son and to live to his glory – Herman Bavinck

Unbelief requires enormous effort. There is no proof available to it – Herman Bavinck

Thus, in the end, there are no atheistic persons. There is disagreement not so much about the existence as about the nature of God – Herman Bavinck

The New Testament isn’t an intermezzo neither a detour nor departure from the line of the old covenant but the long-aimed-for goal – Herman Bavinck

In every second throbs the heartbeat of eternity – Herman Bavinck

Opposition to dogma is not resistance to dogma as such, but to certain specific dogmas with which people can no longer agree – Herman Bavinck

Every attribute of God is precious to believers – Herman Bavinck

God is the sum total of all his perfections, the One than whom no greater, higher or better can exist either in thought or reality – Herman Bavinck

The gospel is temporary; the law is everlasting and precisely that which is restored by the gospel – Herman Bavinck

God is immanent in the whole of creation. The pure of heart see God everywhere. Everything is brimful of God – Herman Bavinck

God, and God alone, is man’s highest good – Herman Bavinck

Religion is not limited to 1 single human faculty but embraces the human being as a whole. The relation to God is total & central – Herman Bavinck

All salvation, every blessing, and blessedness have their threefold cause in God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Herman Bavinck

Christ is not the teacher, not the founder, but the content of Christianity – Herman Bavinck

Means of grace may never be detached from the person and work of Christ nor from the church he instituted on earth – Herman Bavinck

The Gospel is sheer good tidings, not demand but promise, not duty but gift – Herman Bavinck

The challenge of theology is to do justice to all the attributes of God revealed in Scripture – Herman Bavinck

Dogmatics is the system of the knowledge of God; ethics is that of the service of God – Herman Bavinck

Scripture does not give us data to interpret; it is itself the interpretation of reality, the shaper of a distinct worldview – Herman Bavinck

In Scripture the knowability of God is never in doubt even for a moment – Herman Bavinck

All the benefits of the covenant that Christ acquired and the Holy Spirit applies can be summed up in the word “grace” – Herman Bavinck

In the defense of Christian truth the apologists don’t start from a base of doubt or neutrality but from a position of firm belief – Herman Bavinck

Calvinism offers a place of rest to the weary heart, and protects man from all overexcitement – Herman Bavinck

Mystery is the lifeblood of dogmatics – Herman Bavinck

Behind the vicissitudes and transitoriness of this life it points to the unchangeableness of God’s eternal counsel – Herman Bavinck on Calvinism

The Church’s calling is to proclaim God’s virtues, that is, to honor him for the glory manifested in all his works – Herman Bavinck

Theology is speaking about God, through God and to God – Herman Bavinck

There are still so many hidden treasures in Scripture never enjoyed as yet by the congregation. Pastors are treasure hunters – Herman Bavinck

To profess theology is itself a service of worship, a consecration of mind and heart to the honour of His name – Herman Bavinck

Scripture is old, without ever aging; it always remains young and fresh; it is the language of life – Herman Bavinck

The pastor who dares to come with a sermon without diligent and proper preparation has not trembled before the majesty of the Word – Herman Bavinck

Dogmatics ≠ a dull science. It is a theodicy, a doxology to all God’s virtues & perfections, a hymn of adoration & thanksgiving – Herman Bavinck

When the pulpit wants to regain its power, the preacher must be a student of the Word – Herman Bavinck

The Christian, who sees everything in the light of the Word of God, is anything but narrow in his view – Herman Bavinck

The doctrine of Christ is not the starting point, but it certainly is the central point of the whole system of dogmatics – Herman Bavinck

The challenge of theology is to do justice to all the attributes of God revealed in Scripture – Herman Bavinck

In the promise of Genesis 3, we find the gospel in a nutshell and, in principle, the entire history of the human race – Herman Bavinck

The only tradition that may be accepted is the one that is founded on and flows from Scripture – Herman Bavinck

Scripture, not experience, is the norm for our faith – Herman Bavinck

God is known to all people through his revelation in creation, the theater of his glory – Herman Bavinck

The principle into which all theological dogmas are distilled is: God has said it – Herman Bavinck

Christianity does not introduce a single substantial foreign element into the creation. It restores what was corrupted by sin – Herman Bavinck

Theology is about God and should reflect a doxological tone that glorifies him – Herman Bavinck