Jeremiah Burroughs

Oh Christian if you have any faith, in the time of extremity think thus: this is the time that God calls for exercise of faith – Jeremiah Burroughs

You are the spouse of Christ. What! One married to Jesus Christ and yet troubled and discontented? Have you not enough in him? – Jeremiah Burroughs

As you take Christ, the head of the Covenant, to be yours, so you give up yourself to Christ – Jeremiah Burroughs

By contentment the soul comes to an excellence near to God himself, yea, the nearest possible – Jeremiah Burroughs

Certainly our contentment does not consist in getting the thing we desire, but in God’s fashioning our spirits to our conditions – Jeremiah Burroughs

It is the way of God to work by contraries, to turn the greatest evil into the greatest good – Jeremiah Burroughs

God’s ordinary course is that his people in this world should be in an afflicted condition – Jeremiah Burroughs

Having learned that the good of the creature consists in the enjoyment of God in it & honoring of God by it, you can be content – Jeremiah Burroughs

Is your affliction greater than others? Then in this you have an opportunity to honor God more than others – Jeremiah Burroughs

There is no sense of any affliction that will hinder the sense of God’s mercies – Jeremiah Burroughs

Oh! there is occasion of temptation for the Devil when he meets with a discontented spirit! – Jeremiah Burroughs

You must learn to know your own hearts well, to be good students of your own hearts – Jeremiah Burroughs

If you were to live 100 years, in comparison to eternity it is 1 night, it is as though you were travelling & had come to an inn – Jeremiah Burroughs

While I live in the world my condition is to be but a pilgrim, a stranger, a traveler, and a soldier – Jeremiah Burroughs

There was never any man or woman so contented as a self-denying man or woman – Jeremiah Burroughs

When you come into the school of Christ, Christ teaches you that there is a vanity in all things in the world – Jeremiah Burroughs

A discontented heart is troubled because he has no more comfort, but a self-denying man wonders that he has as much as he has – Jeremiah Burroughs

By knowing much of our own vileness we shall learn to justify God – Jeremiah Burroughs

That man or woman who knows that he or she is nothing, and has learned it thoroughly will be able to bear anything – Jeremiah Burroughs

When you look into the book of God and find any promise there, you may make it your own – Jeremiah Burroughs

A godly heart enjoys much of God in everything he has, and knows how to make up all wants in God himself – Jeremiah Burroughs

There is no certainty in the things of this world; but the Covenant is sure – Jeremiah Burroughs

It was a remarkable saying of one, “He has all things who has Him that has all things” – Jeremiah Burroughs

A Christian makes over his will to God, and in making over his will to God, he has no other will but God’s – Jeremiah Burroughs

The mystery of contentment: not so much by removing the evil, as by metamorphosing the evil, by changing the evil into good – Jeremiah Burroughs

Contentment does not come by adding to what you want, but by subtracting from your desires – Jeremiah Burroughs

The most contented man in the world is the most dissatisfied man: those things that will satisfy the world, will not satisfy him – Jeremiah Burroughs

The peace of God is not enough to a gracious heart except it may have the God of that peace – Jeremiah Burroughs

Consider what your condition is, you are pilgrims and strangers; so do not think to satisfy yourselves here – Jeremiah Burroughs

A godly heart will not only have the mercy, but the God of that mercy as well – Jeremiah Burroughs

This is the art of a Christian’s contentment: he melts his will into the will of God, and makes over his will to God – Jeremiah Burroughs

Must be content is too low for a Christian.
No, it should be, “Readily and freely I will be content” – Jeremiah Burroughs

It is a special sign of true grace in any soul, that when any affliction befalls him, he repairs immediately to the Covenant – Jeremiah Burroughs

To be well skilled in the mystery of Christian contentment is the duty, glory and excellence of a Christian – Jeremiah Burroughs

A man who is little in his own eyes will account every affliction as little, and every mercy as great – Jeremiah Burroughs

Contentment in every condition is a great art, a spiritual mystery. It is to be learned, and to be learned as a mystery – Jeremiah Burroughs

Do you murmur because once you were better? Know that God was before with you in mercy – Jeremiah Burroughs