Joel Beeke

Faithless prayer is fruitless prayer. When we don’t trust God, we make a mess of everything – Joel Beeke

The giants of church history dwarf us because of the time and energy that they devoted to private prayer – Joel Beeke

Activity is not synonymous with spirituality – Joel Beeke

Worldliness is any love not ruled by love for God – Joel Beeke

The Puritan preacher’s most momentous task was awakening and guiding the human conscience – Joel Beeke
Election declares the expansive generosity of God, not his stinginess – Joel Beeke

The promises are the pathways where Christ meets the soul – Joel Beeke

In Christ’s incarnation, God teaches us that we cannot solve our problems on our own – Joel Beeke

Sing doctrinally pure songs. There is no excuse for singing doctrinal error no matter how attractive the tune might be – Joel Beeke

Puritans consistently saw the Christian life as a pilgrim’s journey to heaven. They suffered much & chose obedience over compromise – Joel Beeke

This world is not a friend to help pilgrims to heaven; it is dangerous country we must traverse on our way there – Joel Beeke

The Puritans understood that a mindless Christianity fosters a spineless Christianity – Joel Beeke

Puritans taught that usefulness in church is wedded to godliness in home. Public holiness stands or falls with private holiness – Joel Beeke