John Flavel

A crucified style best suits the preachers of a crucified Christ – John Flavel

We can no more unite ourselves to Christ, than a branch can incorporate itself into another stock. It is by God – John Flavel

Observed duties maintain our credit, but secret duties maintain our life – John Flavel

True Christianity is an all-out commitment to Jesus Christ – John Flavel

None but Christ, none but Christ, is a proper motto for a Christian – John Flavel

It is highly reasonable that He that laid down the whole price, should have the whole praise – John Flavel

Ah, what a life is the life of a Christian! Christ all for you, and you all for Him – John Flavel

Brethren, it is easier to declaim against a thousand sins of others, than to mortify one sin in ourselves – John Flavel

God’s love is judicious, not fond. He consults my good rather than my ease – John Flavel

Every man loves the mercies of God, but a saint loves the God of his mercies – John Flavel

Let none but the servants of sin be the slaves of fear – John Flavel

Sometimes providences, like Hebrew letters, must be read backwards – John Flavel

Christ is not sweet till sin be made bitter to us – John Flavel

Oh how necessary a work is the new creation – John Flavel

You expect happiness whilst God is in heaven, and God expects holiness from you whilst you are on earth – John Flavel

As the blood of Christ is the fountain of all merit, so the Spirit of Christ is the fountain of all spiritual life – John Flavel

Unbelievers are loth to burn, yet willing to sin; though sin kindle those everlasting flames – John Flavel

Be willing to give glory to Christ, though his glory should rise out of your shame – John Flavel