John MacArthur

There are no shortcuts to spirituality. There is no easy way, no single spiritual ‘zap’ that does the job – John MacArthur

Much of what goes on in the charismatic movement is more giddy than godly – John MacArthur

A basic mark of true spirituality is a deep awareness of sin – John MacArthur

Few today have any concept of being crucified to the world – John MacArthur

The visible church in our generation has become frighteningly intolerant of sound teaching – John MacArthur

The best illustrations to use are those taken from the Bible itself – John MacArthur

One of the worst lies of our age: the notion that it isn’t important what you believe as long as you believe passionately enough – John MacArthur

The visible church in our generation has become astonishingly tolerant of aberrant teaching and outlandish ideas – John MacArthur

The truth is that far more things are black-and-white issues than most people realize – John MacArthur

The word worldliness has lost its evil connotation. When did you last hear anyone call worldliness a sin? – John MacArthur

Bible study where the method is to ask everyone, “What does this verse mean to you?” is a sure path to confusion – John MacArthur

Just as a baby crawls along the floor, putting anything it finds in its mouth, spiritual babies don’t know what is good for them – John MacArthur

The church must hold up a high and holy standard. A very clear line must be drawn between the world and the church – John MacArthur

The message of the church should not be, We’re a nice place; you’ll like us. Instead: This is a holy place where sin is despised – John MacArthur

Churches are filled with baby Christians – people who are spiritual infants – John MacArthur

The New Testament gift of prophecy is simply preaching – John MacArthur

Master the truth to refute error. Don’t spend time studying error; shun it. Study truth. Hold fast the faithful Word – John MacArthur

If we are driven by a yearning to be happy, healthy, affluent, prosperous, and comfortable, we will never be discerning people – John MacArthur

The content of our faith is highly crucial. Sincerity is not sufficient – John MacArthur

Ecumenical unity with Roman Catholicism is not essential to the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Evangelism of Catholics is – John MacArthur

The life of the Christian is a life spent in pursuit of God’s will – not a strategy to get Him to go along with ours – John MacArthur

The answer to dead orthodoxy is not to build a theology on experience. Genuine experience must grow out of sound doctrine – John MacArthur

There is a great need in the church today to cry instead of laugh – John MacArthur

The problem is that most people don’t think of God as Someone to be feared. They presume on His grace – John MacArthur

The family is the one environment where your devotion, faithfulness and consistency matter most. It’s where the most is at stake – John MacArthur

Charismatics usually give the impression that the Spirit is more jolly than holy – John MacArthur

Books are permanent, requiring a response from the mind. It’s no accident God’s vehicle for His special revelation was a book! – John MacArthur

The practical effect of charismatic teaching is to set experience on a higher plane than a proper understanding of Scripture – John MacArthur

Our success isn’t measured in hours, or even centuries. Our focus is fixed on eternity – John MacArthur

How many charismatics, taught to believe God is giving them fresh revelation, simply put their Bibles permanently on the shelf? – John MacArthur

Authentic experience happens in response to truth – John MacArthur

Charismatics err because they tend to build their teachings on experience – John MacArthur

A true spiritual experience = result of the quickening of truth in the Christian’s mind. It does not occur in a mystical vacuum – John MacArthur

Christ is the One who is glorified when the Spirit is at work – John MacArthur

Love apart from truth is nothing more than hypocritical sentimentality; it is running rampant in evangelicalism today – John MacArthur

“God told me…” has become the anthem of the charismatic movement – John MacArthur

Scripture is not the words of men into which God puffed divine life. It is the very breath of God! God Himself speaking – John MacArthur

I do not have an experience that is godly that leads me to truth in a vacuum. I have an experience in response to truth – John MacArthur

You say you’re a servant of Jesus Christ, show me your scars, show me the hostility – John MacArthur

We will never understand at all the profound reality of God’s love until we comprehend His hate – John MacArthur

To change the world by becoming like the world: it doesn’t work – John MacArthur

Because of growing influence of charismatic teaching, much of the church may mistakenly abandon its cornerstone: Sola Scriptura – John MacArthur

The church’s witness to the world has been sacrificed on the altar of cheap grace – John MacArthur

Prayer is to give God the privilege of displaying his majesty. It is to bring my life into harmony with his will – John MacArthur

Our testimony on the outside is really gained by our integrity on the inside. It starts there – John MacArthur

Once a church sees Scripture as less than the final authority for faith & practice, it has opened the doors to theological chaos – John MacArthur

Even though we are believers, we still have a sin problem and we must face that problem – John MacArthur

Discernment is the skill in distinguishing truth from error and (more important maybe) from half truth – John MacArthur

Charismatics have abandoned the uniqueness of Scripture as the only Word of God, and the result is a spiritual free-for-all – John MacArthur

The single greatest tool of our Christian testimony and of evangelism is doing right. It is how you live – John MacArthur

There is no fresher or more intimate revelation than Scripture. God does not need to give private revelation – John MacArthur

Never are you more in line with the will of God than when you preach the word of reconciliation – John MacArthur

The foundation of all Christian witness is what you do, not what you say – John MacArthur

Scripture isn’t clarified by listening to one who thinks he has the gift of prophecy but as it is carefully & diligently studied – John MacArthur

Joy is the flag that flies on the castle of the heart when the King is in residence there – John MacArthur

The greater your knowledge of God, the deeper your commitment, the more overwhelmed you are with your sinfulness – John MacArthur

If you fail, father, to teach your son to fear God, the devil will teach him to hate God – John MacArthur

The only true and valid reformation occurs as we align our beliefs, our behavior, and our worship with the Word of God – John MacArthur

Until we are glorified we as saints individually, and the whole church collectively, must always be reforming – John MacArthur

One mark of spiritual health and stamina that gets far too little notice these days is steadfastness – John MacArthur

Whatever the Bible meant in the time it was written is what it means today – John MacArthur

If you understand that God is using all the difficulties you face to perfect you, you’ll be at peace – John MacArthur

No wonder God put your tongue in a cage behind your teeth, walled in by your mouth – John MacArthur

When the true disciple hears God’s Word, there is an affection for its truth and a desire in his heart to obey it – John MacArthur

Health, wealth, prosperity, the fulfillment of all your dreams, that’s what Satan always offers. That’s called temptation – John MacArthur

God’s will is easy to find; it’s right in His book – John MacArthur

Those who fail to see themselves as sinners will see no need for a Savior – John MacArthur

True salvation occurs when you in desperation turn from sin to Christ with a willingness to have Him take control of your life – John MacArthur

The law was not given to save men but to reveal their sin and thus to drive men to God’s saving grace – John MacArthur

Faith is not a one-time act, but a way of life – John MacArthur

How a person handles trouble will reveal whether his faith is living or dead, genuine or imitation, saving or non-saving – John MacArthur

What does it mean to be sanctified? It means to pursue such intimacy with the living Christ that it controls your conduct – John MacArthur

To long for the visible sign, the big miracle, the dramatic proof is nothing but masked unbelief – John MacArthur

Read the Bible to be wise,
believe it to be saved,
and practice it to be holy – John MacArthur

An effective presentation of the gospel must be based solidly on Scripture. For that alone is the power of God for salvation – John MacArthur

The church has been so over-contextualized that it has become corrupted by the world – John MacArthur

Being filled with the Spirit is the same thing as living as if you’re standing next to Jesus Christ – John MacArthur

Salvation is the exchange of all that we are for all that He is – John MacArthur

Know the truth, and uphold it in love – John MacArthur

The mark of the mature life is not sinlessness, which is reserved for heaven, but growing awareness of sinfulness – John MacArthur

Oh that more parents would be fully present during their children’s early years – John MacArthur

Godly faith is not full understanding but full trust – John MacArthur

Having an open mind is not a virtue, it’s one step away from being a moron – John MacArthur

Demanding sensational proof is not evidence of faith but of doubt – John MacArthur

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your obedience to Christ will make life easier – John MacArthur

I’m not looking to invest my life in the things that don’t return a spiritual dividend – John MacArthur

God-honoring behavior always springs from right beliefs – John MacArthur

Most charismatics fall back on the all-too-easy defense that virtually every critique of their movement is unfair and unkind – John MacArthur

The biblical challenge is not to avoid truth that is controversial, but to speak the truth in love – John MacArthur

Being filled with the Spirit is the same thing as letting the presence of Christ dominate your life. It’s not a mystical thing – John MacArthur

What in the world makes us so embarrassed about the gospel? – John MacArthur

Man proves his utter foolishness by devising and believing his own philosophies about God, the universe, and himself – John MacArthur

The Father sent Christ to seek and save for the specific purpose of producing worshiping people – John MacArthur

If you think you can live anyway you want & then go to church on Sunday morning & turn on worship with the saints, you’re wrong – John MacArthur

The conscience is to our souls what pain sensors are to our bodies – John MacArthur

All death can do to the believer is deliver him to Jesus. It brings us into the eternal presence of our Savior – John MacArthur

If the biblical creation account is in any degree unreliable, the rest of Scripture stands on a shaky foundation – John MacArthur

No orthodox movement in history has ever taught that sinners can spurn the lordship of Christ yet lay claim to Him as Savior – John MacArthur

The Christian husband displays what he thinks of Christ by the way he treats his wife – John MacArthur

Since Satan is a deceiver and a liar, we can successfully resist him only by knowing and obeying the truth – John MacArthur

What happens to preachers who obsess about cultural “relevancy,” is that they become worldly, not godly – John MacArthur

Loving as Christ loves does not depend in the least on what others are in themselves, but entirely on what we are in Christ – John MacArthur

God’s will is that you be saved, Spirit filled, sanctified, submissive, suffering – John MacArthur

The only sure, reliable, unwavering, unchanging source of joy is God – John MacArthur

Spiritual depth is critical, you have to go down before you can go up – John MacArthur

Alone with God – such an opportunity should be the Christian’s one great desire – John MacArthur

All people are either progressing or regressing spiritually – there is no such thing as remaining static – John MacArthur

Instead of calling men and women to surrender to Christ, modern evangelism asks them only to accept some basic facts about Him – John MacArthur

It is pointless to preach grace until the impossible demands of the law and the reality of guilt before God are preached – John MacArthur

I do care about the feelings of people. I do care about offending them. But not nearly as much as I care about offending God – John MacArthur

The Bible is like a lion. You don’t try to defend it, you just open the cage and let it out. And it’ll take care of itself – John MacArthur

Unless something is spiritually profitable – unless it builds up a person spiritually – it’s not worth doing – John MacArthur

Prayer begins and ends not with the needs of man but with the glory of God – John MacArthur

We believe that the church is gathered together for worship and then scatters to evangelize – John MacArthur

True worship is unaffected by fluctuating circumstances – John MacArthur

A Christian who has no conflict is a Christian who has retreated from the front lines of service – John MacArthur

No one who neglects to call sinners to repentance is preaching the gospel according to Jesus – John MacArthur

Scripture should permeate every aspect of the believer’s life and control every thought, word, and deed – John MacArthur

You cannot be faithful and popular, so take your pick – John MacArthur

Do not sacrifice the future on the altar of the immediate – John MacArthur

Real spirituality begins with a precise understanding of truth – John MacArthur

Meekness is not weakness; it is power under control – John MacArthur

Perhaps the dominant myth in the evangelical church today is that the success of Christianity depends on how popular it is – John MacArthur

True wisdom is the outworking of a life changing knowledge of God – John MacArthur

The only right response to Christ’s lordship is wholehearted submission, loving obedience, and passionate worship – John MacArthur

Sin is so pervasive and so subtle that we must be suspicious even of our righteous behavior – John MacArthur

For decades evangelicals have been entertaining themselves and calling it worship. The church is now largely untaught – John MacArthur

If you have never worshiped God with a broken and a contrite spirit, you’ve never fully worshiped God – John MacArthur

Where did Christians ever get the idea they could win the world to Christ by imitating it? – John MacArthur

A true spiritual experience will be the result of the quickening of truth in the Christian’s mind – John MacArthur

A failure to do Bible exposition robs people of their only true source of help – John MacArthur

Biblical truth must validate or invalidate any experience – John MacArthur

No new revelation is necessary, because Scripture is complete and absolutely sufficient – John MacArthur

Don’t ever restrict your boldness for fear of persecution. Persecution only translates your boldness into new opportunity – John MacArthur

Human experience is subjective and fallible; only the Word of God is unfailing and inerrant, because its Author is perfect – John MacArthur

Preaching that fails to confront and correct sin through the Word of God does not meet people’s need. It may make them feel good – John MacArthur

Christians are not left in the world by accident but are placed there on divine assignment from their Lord – John MacArthur

Calling for the correction of error in the church is not creating disunity – John MacArthur

God treated Christ as if He had lived our lives so He could treat us as if we lived Christ’s – John MacArthur

You don’t define love, you describe it in action – John MacArthur

The Word does an amazing work of sanctification. Intense study of Scripture exposes the soul to cleansing truth – John MacArthur

You are never more in communion with the Holy Spirit than when you’re hearing Him speak through His Word – John MacArthur

God does not react, He only acts – and He does so however He pleases – John MacArthur

Men’s lostness is not determined by the outward circumstances of their lives but by the inner condition of their hearts – John MacArthur

It wasn’t a potential atonement actuated by the sinner, it was an actual atonement initiated by the Savior – John MacArthur

Both roads are marked, “This is the way to heaven.” Satan doesn’t mark the broad way, “This is the way to hell” – John MacArthur

Error is still error, even if there are true believers who embrace and espouse it – John MacArthur

I do not have confidence as some mechanism. I have confidence out of a conviction – John MacArthur

The test of true faith is this: Does it produce obedience? – John MacArthur

The Bible never says, “Get a crowd.” The Bible just says, “Make disciples” – John MacArthur

If one does not obey Christ as a pattern of life, then professing to know Him is an empty verbal exercise – John MacArthur

Guilt is a defense mechanism; it’s like an alarm that goes off to lead you to confession when you sin – John MacArthur

Spiritual sober-mindedness includes the ideas of steadfastness, self-control, clarity of mind, and moral decisiveness – John MacArthur

Subjection is not a punishment, it is a privilege – John MacArthur about the role of women

When we continually fill our minds with the filth of this world, we do ourselves a great spiritual disservice – John MacArthur

If you got what you deserved, you’d be in hell. So, don’t think you deserve good circumstances – John MacArthur

It is not enough just to study the Bible. We must meditate upon it – John MacArthur

No matter how choppy the seas become, a believer’s heart is buoyed by constant praise and gratefulness to the Lord – John MacArthur

It is not intelligence but intellectual pride that shuts people out of the Kingdom – John MacArthur

If you’re not a thankful person, it’s because you think you deserve better circumstances than those you currently have – John MacArthur

Soft words produce hard hearts. Hard preaching produces soft hearts – John MacArthur

The kingdom of God advances one person at a time. One soul at a time. You come alone – John MacArthur

Truth has no degrees or shades. A half truth is a whole lie, and a white lie is really black – John MacArthur

Whether we like it or not, as Christians we are in a life-or-death conflict against the forces of evil and their lies – John MacArthur

The most loving thing anybody could ever do would be to tell someone the truth – John MacArthur

God gives us many things without limit – His love, His grace, and many others. But His gift of time is strictly measured – John MacArthur

Compromised truth has no hope of rescuing the eternal souls of men and women – John MacArthur

Perfect peace comes when our focus is off the problem, off the trouble, and constantly on Christ – John MacArthur

Christians are not supposed to live like unsaved people – John MacArthur

No doctrine is more despised by the natural mind than the truth that God is absolutely sovereign – John MacArthur

It is difficult to see how Christianity can have any positive effect on society if it cannot transform its own homes – John MacArthur

Worry is the sin of distrusting the promise and providence of God – John MacArthur

To turn the Spirit into a spectacle is to worship God in a way that He deplores – John MacArthur

Self-sacrificing love is the heart of Christian living. It is the magnet that attracts the world – John MacArthur

In the history of the church and in my experience, no one has been harder to reach for Christ than a false Christian – John MacArthur

The teaching of a false prophet cannot withstand scrutiny under the divine light of Scripture – John MacArthur

The freedom of the Christian is not freedom to do what he or she wants but freedom to obey God – willingly, joyfully, naturally – John MacArthur

While history is crowded with men who would be God, only one God would be man – John MacArthur

The more you study the Word of God, the more it saturates your mind and life – John MacArthur

God’s purpose in redeeming men from sin is not to give them freedom to do as they please but freedom to do as He pleases – John MacArthur

All that you learn about God should drive you into His presence – John MacArthur

Cultivate a heart of thankfulness for whatever God gives you. That will take all the sourness out of your life – John MacArthur

The ecumenical spirit of the age shrinks back in cowardice from the clear denunciation of error – John MacArthur

As you live a godly life, expect that your service to God will be attacked. But don’t let that affect your joy – John MacArthur

Science has proven nothing that negates the Genesis record. In fact, the Genesis record answers the mysteries of science – John MacArthur

The goal of prayer is not to gratify our selfish desires, but to align our wills with God’s purposes – John MacArthur

The Bible is supreme truth, and therefore it is the standard by which scientific theory should be evaluated, not vice versa – John MacArthur

The charismatic movement has made no contribution to sound doctrine – John MacArthur

Is God unfair in not choosing to save everyone? ‘Fair’ would send everyone to hell. You don’t want fair. You want mercy – John MacArthur

The more you focus on yourself, the more distracted you will be from the proper path – John MacArthur

Grace does not grant permission to live in the flesh; it supplies power to live in the Spirit – John MacArthur

Some people get so caught up in their own holiness that they look at the Trinity for a possible vacancy – John MacArthur

The glorious priority of the Holy Spirit is to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ – John MacArthur

Patience is the virtue that comes to those who don’t try to control everything in their lives – John MacArthur

True Christianity is not about adding Jesus to my life. Instead, it is about devoting myself completely to Him – John MacArthur

Just because you tolerate your sin doesn’t mean God does – John MacArthur

Whenever God is dishonored, those who love the Lord feel both pain and righteous indignation – John MacArthur

An atheist denies God and has to accept incredible explanations for everything else – John MacArthur

We must protect the integrity of Scripture by demanding a proper interpretation – John MacArthur

It means absolutely nothing to profess Christ if your life doesn’t back it up – John MacArthur

The doctrine of adoption establishes the reality that believers, once saved, are always saved – John MacArthur

Now listen, salvation then is by grace completely apart from works. Damnation is by works completely apart from grace – John MacArthur

Focusing on earthly treasures produces earthly affections – John MacArthur

Do we not understand that no one is going to be changed until they are exposed as wrong? – John MacArthur

Righteous wrath is no less noble than love, since both coexist in God – John MacArthur

Too many believers become satisfied with physical blessings and have little desire for spiritual blessings – John MacArthur

Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire – John MacArthur

Salvation is not verified by a past act, but by present fruitfulness – John MacArthur

What sends people to hell? You say sin. No. It’s not sin alone that sends people to hell. It is unforgiven sin – John MacArthur

He that lacks assurance of God’s love, converses too much with Satan – John MacArthur

Many Christians’ thinking about the gospel is fuzzy – John MacArthur

Precisely because it is so powerful, the Bible has always had its enemies – John MacArthur

Many in the church are too intimidated or too embarrassed to affirm the literal truth of the biblical account of creation – John MacArthur

Scripture, not science, is the ultimate test of all truth – John MacArthur

As Christians we accept one foundational truth – God – and everything else makes sense – John MacArthur

Should I continue to stay in a church that has a woman as a pastor? Well, that church has no pastor – John MacArthur

We’re all in Romans 7, aren’t we? – John MacArthur

Satan has so cluttered the Christian concept of Christmas with such needless paraphernalia that its true meaning is easily lost – John MacArthur

Today people don’t want to come to Christ because He will cramp their style, He will lay claim on their lives – John MacArthur

Give evolutionary doctrine the throne and make the Bible its servant, and you have laid the foundation for spiritual disaster – John MacArthur

It’s not about your technique in throwing seed. It’s about the state of the soil. I don’t do soil work. That’s Holy Spirit work – John MacArthur

Society has embraced evolution with such enthusiasm because people imagine that it eliminates the Judge – John MacArthur

Religion will damn a soul faster than anything if it is anything less than true worship of the true God – John MacArthur

The moral catastrophe that has disfigured our society is directly traceable to Darwinism and the rejection of Genesis 1-3 – John MacArthur

All sorts of theological mischief ensues when we compromise the literal truth of the biblical account of creation & the fall – John MacArthur

We love the Bible. We love theology. We love theologically informed worship – John MacArthur

God steps into the darkness of the sinner’s heart, turns on the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ – John MacArthur

Truth matters more than anything else – John MacArthur

Let me say it again, it’s pretty simple, if you’re a true Christian, you love the Bible – John MacArthur

Serious Bible study & diligent labor in the Scripture to feed the church of God doesn’t seem to be the high priority anymore – John MacArthur

We rejoice in the faithfulness of the saints because we’re here today because of that faithfulness – John MacArthur

The most serious activity anyone will ever do is worship – John MacArthur

The place of security and safety, for the believer, is the place of obedience to the Lord – John MacArthur

You don’t go to church, you ARE the church – John MacArthur

There’s nothing more precious in this life than a tested faith – John MacArthur

I don’t want to link arms with the culture. I want to link arms with the history of the church – John MacArthur

The non-lethal persecution that comes against the church in our time, it doesn’t kill us. It just makes us compromise – John MacArthur

Some Christians have so little courage that the voice of their neighbors sound louder in their ears than the voice of God – John MacArthur

I want to quote the great theologians. I want to sing the great hymns that generations of believers have sung – John MacArthur

We don’t want the world to come in our church, we want heaven to come down – John MacArthur

The best thing you can give your congregation is Christ, Christ, Christ – John MacArthur

The key to an enduring ministry is sanctification – John MacArthur

Worship is simply glorifying God; this means there is nothing required of us that cannot be done as an act of worship – John MacArthur

The question in salvation is not whether Jesus is Lord, but whether we are submissive to His lordship – John MacArthur

16 parables of Jesus deal with money. 1 out of 10 verses in NT deals with that subject. Scripture offers over 2,000 verses on it – John MacArthur

The believer’s attitude toward money and possessions is determinative – John MacArthur

The gospel according to Jesus explicitly and unequivocally rules out easy-believism – John MacArthur

If you don’t win the battle on the inside, it will show up on the outside – John MacArthur

The preacher is not a chef but a waiter. God doesn’t want you to make the meal but to deliver it without messing – John MacArthur

You are the only Bible some unbelievers will ever read. Do they see an accurate picture of your God? – John MacArthur

To exercise discernment is at the very heart of Christian living because Christian living is a reflection of Christian thinking – John MacArthur

True faith is never seen as passive – it is always obedient – John MacArthur

God must open the eyes of our understanding before we can truly know and rightly interpret His truth – John MacArthur

Show me a person obsessed with the Holy Spirit, and I’ll show you a person not filled with the Holy Spirit – John MacArthur

The true work of the Holy Spirit points people to the Bible – John MacArthur

The church can die of a thousand heresies if it can’t exercise discernment – John MacArthur

That Jesus is Himself God is the heart of the gospel, because apart from His deity He could not save a single soul – John MacArthur

How do you know when you’re a believer? It’s not your perfection, it’s your direction – John MacArthur

Nothing is more serious than worship. I’m afraid in our culture worship has become frivolous, superficial, shallow, trivialized – John MacArthur

The contribution of the truth to people in the Charismatic Movement doesn’t come from the Movement, it comes in spite of it – John MacArthur

If you want to see the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how He works in us, look at what He did in Christ – John MacArthur

To speak the truth in itself is an act of love to deliver people from error – John MacArthur

Of course the truth divides. It immediately separates error and reality – John MacArthur

The very idea that Christians should expect extra-biblical revelation from God just creates a theological train wreck – John MacArthur

When the Holy Spirit is the person sought, His work has been rejected. Christ is obscured, and Scripture depreciated – John MacArthur

Do you know why the Charismatic Movement grows? It is offering to people in the world what they already want. It’s worldly – John MacArthur

Reformed theology, sound doctrine, is not a haven for false teachers. It’s not where false teachers reside – John MacArthur

When you come before the Lord, you better honor the Lord. You better come in a way that is consistent with His will & revelation – John MacArthur

When people ask me what’s the biggest problem in the church? I always say the same thing, the absence of discernment – John MacArthur

The church has risen up to defend the Father & the Son, why will it not rise up to defend the Holy Spirit? – John MacArthur

A person who’s not concerned about having his present sins cleansed has good reason to doubt that his past sin has been forgiven – John MacArthur

Our responsibility is simply to make our witness faithful; it is God’s responsibility alone to make it effective – John MacArthur

Heaven = eternal, earth temporal. Those who fix all their affections of the fleeting things of this world are the real escapists – John MacArthur

Healing was a miraculous sign. It was not intended as a permanent way to keep the Christian community in perfect health – John MacArthur

A gospel that does not confront sin is not the gospel of Jesus Christ – John MacArthur

Since Scripture imparts salvation, effective evangelism depends on the faithful proclamation of the Word – John MacArthur

Doctrine matters. What you believe about God, the gospel, and the nature of man filters down to every area of your life – John MacArthur

It is wonderful to have a high regard for the truth, but zeal for the truth must be balanced by a love for people – John MacArthur

The output of your life will be determined by the amount of input of Scripture in your life – John MacArthur

Everything Scripture teaches about sin and redemption assumes the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis – John MacArthur

It’s bizarre that the same people who seem to be screaming “Save the whales” are also in the parade yelling “Kill the babies” – John MacArthur

When a believer is in the place of obedience, no matter how severe the storm, he is as safe as if he were at home in his own bed – John MacArthur

A pure conscience is more to be sought than a good reputation – John MacArthur

Don’t be victimized by Satan’s attacks. Become strong in the Word through systematic Bible study – John MacArthur

If I take care of the depth of my ministry, God will take care of the breadth of it – John MacArthur

Don’t ask yourself, “Is doctrine important?” but ask yourself, “Is truth important?” – John MacArthur

The biblical text must be the starting place for the interpreter, not the last stop – John MacArthur

When Christians become political, sinners become the enemy instead of the mission field – John MacArthur

This is the generosity of our God: you ask for the gift, He gives the Giver – John MacArthur

How can you determine if you are a true Christian? Not by sentiment, but by obedience – John MacArthur

The gospel is to be proclaimed, not debated – John MacArthur

Of course your best life is now, if your next one is in hell – John MacArthur

Salvation is not an addition; it’s a transformation that leads to willing submission to His Word – John MacArthur

How-to books have carried the no-lordship message to the uttermost parts of the earth – John MacArthur

Postmodernism is simply the latest expression of worldly unbelief – John MacArthur

The simple-faith gospel – no repentance, no surrender, no commitment, no changed life – has had a horrific influence – John MacArthur

I believe Christians today are starved for doctrinal content – John MacArthur

The gospel is not simply an invitation to become Christ’s associate; it is a mandate to become His slave – John MacArthur

No-lordship terminology (“accept Jesus as Savior” now, “make Him Lord” later) has become familiar and comfortable – John MacArthur

The gospel call to faith presupposes that sinners must repent of their sin and yield to Christ’s authority – John MacArthur

Our task as ambassadors is to bring good news to people. Our mission as soldiers is to overthrow false ideas – John MacArthur

Jesus Christ is our Master. We are His slaves, called to humbly and wholeheartedly obey and honor Him – John MacArthur

Uncertainty is the new truth. Doubt and skepticism have been canonized as a form of humility – John MacArthur

Much of the visible church nowadays seems to think Christians are supposed to be at play rather than at war – John MacArthur

Maintaining a balance of knowledge and love is a practical principle that influences the decisions you make every day – John MacArthur

Love motivated God to communicate with fallen humanity. That must be your motivation too – John MacArthur

With the close of the New Testament canon, direct revelation from God ceased. All preaching and teaching today is reiteration – John MacArthur

Jesus taught the disciples much about how foolish it is to focus on temporal wealth – John MacArthur

Contentment is more than merely a noble human virtue. It derives from the sufficiency God the Father and Christ the Son provide – John MacArthur

Evangelicals who are so desperate to follow the culture invariably lag several years behind anyway – John MacArthur

Why is it so vital to fight for the truth? Because truth is the only thing that can liberate people from the bondage of sin – John MacArthur

The highest goal of the Christian life is to love God and glorify Him forever, not to pile up material goods – John MacArthur

The only way you can be saturated with the thoughts of Christ is to saturate yourself with the Book that is all about Him – John MacArthur

For the faithful, Spirit-filled Christian, every place becomes a place of prayer – John MacArthur

To be Spirit-filled is to be Christ-centered – John MacArthur

The true gospel is a call to self-denial. It is not a call to self-fulfillment – John MacArthur

I am a free man, the slave of Christ – John MacArthur

The cross is proof of both the immense love of God and the profound wickedness of sin – John MacArthur

If I could simplify the Christian life to one thing, it would be obedience – John MacArthur

We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died – John MacArthur

You can’t confuse childlike faith with childish thinking – John MacArthur