John Murray

We depend upon the message of Scripture for every tenet of our faith, for every ray of redemptive light that illumines our minds – John Murray

True faith is suffused with penitence – John Murray

The crucial test of true faith is endurance to the end, abiding in Christ, and continuance in his word – John Murray

Christ did not come to put men in a redeemable position but to redeem to himself a people – John Murray

God never has in his family those who are alien to its atmosphere and spirit and station – John Murray

Adoption is the apex of redemptive grace and privilege – John Murray

What Christ is as Saviour perfectly dovetails our deepest and most ultimate need – John Murray

The specific character of faith is that it looks away from itself and finds its whole interest and object in Christ – John Murray

Scripture as the Word of God has many attributes. But no one of these is more precious to the believer than infallibility – John Murray