John Owen

To keep our souls in a constant state of mourning and self-abasement is the most necessary part of our wisdom – John Owen

Growing, thriving, and improving in universal holiness, in the great way of the mortification of sin – John Owen

The more vigorous the principle of holiness is in us, the more weak, infirm, and dying, will be that of sin – John Owen

We need to attend diligently to the state of our soul and to deal fervently and effectively with God about it – John Owen

Spiritual disciplines can trim the roots of sin, but only the gospel pulls up the roots – John Owen

Satan’s greatest success is in making people think they have plenty of time before they die to consider their eternal welfare – John Owen

Our Father will not always chide, lest we be cast down; he doth not always smile, lest we be full and neglect him – John Owen

The knowledge of a proud man is the throne of Satan in his mind – John Owen

Mortification prunes all the graces of God, and makes room for them in our hearts to grow – John Owen

We are never nearer Christ than when we find ourselves lost in a holy amazement at His unspeakable love – John Owen

Yea, the perfection of our understanding is, not to understand, and to rest there – John Owen

Christ’s blood is the great sovereign remedy for sin-sick souls – John Owen

Before the work of grace the heart is stony. It can do no more than a stone to please God – John Owen

The souls of the saints are the garden of Jesus Christ, the good ground, a garden for delight; He rejoices in them – John Owen

Blessed is he that feareth always, but especially in a time of prosperity – John Owen

There is not a day but sin foils or is foiled, prevails or is prevailed on; and it will be so whilst we live in this world – John Owen

Unto faith is added obedience, which is inseparable from it – John Owen

Men are apt to please themselves in their spiritual condition, though built on very sandy foundations – John Owen

Did Christ come, think you, to give you rest in your lusts, in your sins, in your pleasures? God forbid – John Owen

When our delight and refreshment lies in earthly things, we are unsuitable to Christ – John Owen

Any step that is taken in any way, by strength that is not immediately from Christ, is one step towards hell – John Owen

There is no broader way to apostasy than to reject God’s sovereignty in all things – John Owen

The most tremendous judgment of God in this world is the hardening of the hearts of men – John Owen

I do not understand how a man can be a sincere believer, to whom sin is not the greatest burden and sorrow – John Owen

Without the diligent exercise of the grace of obedience, we shall never enjoy the grace of consolation – John Owen

If sin will be always acting, and if we be not always mortifying, we are lost creatures – John Owen

To abide in Christ, is to be always nigh unto Christ, in the spiritual company of Christ, and in communication with Christ – John Owen

If we do not abide in prayer, we shall abide in cursed temptations – John Owen

The Scripture abounds in commands & cautions for our utmost diligence in our inquiry, whether we are made partakers of Christ or not – John Owen

The vigor and power and comfort of our spiritual life depends on our mortification of deeds of the flesh – John Owen

Christ accepts of no obedience unto his commands that doth not proceed from love unto his person – John Owen

No man preaches his sermon well to others if he doth not first preach it to his own heart – John Owen

Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his exercise or his destruction – John Owen

In the divine Scriptures, there are shallows where the lamb may wade, and deeps where the elephant may swim – John Owen

Meet thy temptation in its entrance with thoughts of faith concerning Christ on the cross; this will make it sink before thee – John Owen

Assurance encourateth us in our combat; it delivers us not from it – John Owen

The conferring and comparing of Scriptures is an excellent means of coming to an acquaintance with the mind and will of God in them – John Owen

Temptations and occasions put nothing into a man, but only draw out what was in him before – John Owen

He that hath slight thoughts of sin, never had great thoughts of God – John Owen

The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is not to believe that he loves you – John Owen

Do you mortify? Do you make it your daily work? Be killing sin or it will be killing you – John Owen

Holiness is nothing but the implanting, writing and living out the gospel in our souls – John Owen