Martin Luther

My conscience is captive to the Word of God – Martin Luther

Earth has nothing more tender than a woman’s heart when it is the abode of piety – Martin Luther

You will have as much joy and laughter in life as faith in God – Martin Luther

Feelings come and feelings go and feelings are deceiving. My warrant is the Word of God; naught else is worth believing – Martin Luther

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God – Martin Luther

The Lord commonly gives riches to foolish people, to whom he gives nothing else – Martin Luther

To fight against sin is to fight against the devil, the world, and oneself – Martin Luther

Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding – Martin Luther

People must have righteous principals in the first, and then they will not fail to perform virtuous actions – Martin Luther

Let me rather speak the truth with too great severity, than once to act the hypocrite and conceal the truth – Martin Luther

Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying – Martin Luther

The law says, “Do this” and it is never done. Grace says, “Believe in this” and everything is already done – Martin Luther

Tomorrow I plan to work from early until late. In fact, I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer – Martin Luther

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree – Martin Luther

I am more afraid of my own heart than of the Pope and all his cardinals. I have within me that great pope self – Martin Luther

The recognition of sin is the beginning of salvation – Martin Luther

The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid – Martin Luther

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime – Martin Luther

All the cunning of the devil is exercised in trying to tear us away from the Word – Martin Luther

There are two days in my calendar, this day and that Day – Martin Luther

True humility does not know that it is humble. If it did, it would be proud from the contemplation of so fine a virtue – Martin Luther

Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose this morning, and is coming back tomorrow – Martin Luther

There are three conversions necessary: the conversion of the heart, mind, and the purse – Martin Luther

Next to faith this is the highest art: to be content with the calling in which God has placed you – Martin Luther

Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by the things we do not see – Martin Luther

The law discovers the disease. The gospel gives the remedy – Martin Luther

Pray, and let God worry – Martin Luther

I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess – Martin Luther

As a shoemaker makes a shoe & a tailor makes a coat, so ought a Christian to pray, for prayer is the daily business of a Christian – Martin Luther

Either sin is with you, lying on your shoulders, or it is lying on Christ, the Lamb of God – Martin Luther

The will of man without grace is not free, but is enslaved, and that too with its own consent – Martin Luther

You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say – Martin Luther

My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary – Martin Luther

They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses? – Martin Luther

Is it not wonderful news to believe that salvation lies outside ourselves? – Martin Luther

Grace is given to heal the spiritually sick, not to decorate spiritual heroes – Martin Luther

I know not the way God leads me, but well do I know my Guide – Martin Luther

God creates out of nothing. Therefore, until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him – Martin Luther

Be assured that no one will make a doctor of the Holy Scripture save only the Holy Ghost from heaven – Martin Luther

The writings of all the holy fathers should be read only for a time in order that through them we may be led to the Holy Scriptures – Martin Luther

Three rules to study theology in the right way:
Oratio (prayer)
Meditatio (meditation)
Tentatio (trial) – Martin Luther

If I could believe that God was not angry with me, I would stand on my head for joy – Martin Luther

The Bible is being buried by the wealth of commentaries – Martin Luther

Let the man who would hear God speak, read Holy Scripture – Martin Luther

The natural mind cannot do anything godly. Therefore we should constantly pray that God will bring forth his gifts in us – Martin Luther

I condemn and reject as nothing but error all doctrines which exalt our “free will” – Martin Luther

It is impossible for those who rely only on their intellect & rush into Scripture with dirty feet, like pigs, not to harm others – Martin Luther

We are all priests, as many of us as are Christians – Martin Luther

God is to be worshipped not with works, but by faith, faith must do everything that is to be done between God and us – Martin Luther

Many are lost because they cannot use possessive pronouns – Martin Luther

Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness – Martin Luther

Peace if possible, truth at all costs – Martin Luther

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars – Martin Luther