R.C. Sproul

If God is not sovereign, then God is not God – R.C. Sproul

Unless we know God deeply, we cannot love Him deeply. Deepening knowledge must precede deepening affection – R.C. Sproul

Our worship must be informed at every point by the Word of God as we seek God’s own instructions for worship that’s pleasing to Him – R.C. Sproul

The universe exists solely on the basis of God’s sovereign decree and imperative – R.C. Sproul

The Word of God can be in the mind without being in the heart; but it cannot be in the heart without first being in the mind – R.C. Sproul

Satan can do only what the sovereign God allows him to do – R.C. Sproul

Those who would be His children must, paradoxically, be willing to be His slaves – R.C. Sproul

Theology must always end in doxology – the joyful praise of our Creator; otherwise, we have not truly studied the things of God – R.C. Sproul

The Holy Spirit has to change your heart before you will ever say “yes” to Jesus – R.C. Sproul

We live in a world that is constantly changing, but we cannot apply that category to God – R.C. Sproul

God does not love us because we are lovely. He loves us because Christ is lovely. He loves us in Christ – R.C. Sproul

A Christian is known not only by what he believes or affirms, but also by what he rejects and denies – R.C. Sproul

The most dangerous place in the United States for a human being is inside the womb of a woman – R.C. Sproul

Natural man’s sin is precisely this: he wants the benefits of God without God Himself – R.C. Sproul

Humanism was not invented by man, but by a snake who suggested that the quest for autonomy might be a good idea – R.C. Sproul

To live coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God – R.C. Sproul

The unspoken assumption is that God is obliged to be gracious to sinners.
If grace is obligated it is no longer grace – R.C. Sproul

Our spiritual response to disease should be no different from our spiritual response to persecution – R.C. Sproul

If it were left to us, we would all fall away from the faith and perish – R.C. Sproul

True justification always results in the process of sanctification – R.C. Sproul

Theology is unavoidable for every Christian – R.C. Sproul

The greatest weakness in the church today is that the servants of God keep looking over their shoulder for the approval of men – R.C. Sproul

Right now counts forever – R.C. Sproul

As a theologian, I am firmly convinced that God hates abortion and will judge it thoroughly – R.C. Sproul

The complaint that church is boring is never made by people in awe – R.C. Sproul

We cannot change God. God is unchangeable. If changes are to be made, they must be made in us – R.C. Sproul

Not until we take God seriously will we ever take sin seriously – R.C. Sproul

The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe in God, but whether we believe the God we believe in – R.C. Sproul

As the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so the denial of God is the height of foolishness – R.C. Sproul

To know that God knows everything about me and yet loves me is indeed my ultimate consolation – R.C. Sproul