Wilhelmus à Brakel

Christians, stir up your desire to be watchful and make work of it with the courage of a man – Wilhelmus à Brakel

We are by nature very drowsy. Our spiritual life is feeble, and indwelling corruption will very readily befuddle our understanding – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Spiritual growth consists in more persistent and steadfast fellowship with God – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Justification is executed by God as righteous Judge; sanctification is executed by God the Holy Spirit as re-creator – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Holiness is the most beautiful ornament and the most magnificent beauty which can be found in man – Wilhelmus à Brakel

The holy life of partakers of the covenant is to the glory of God – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Believer, be careful to refrain yourself from doing anything that would be unbecoming of His presence – Wilhelmus à Brakel

The goodness of God is the reason why a believer, even after many backslidings, is motivated by renewal to return unto the Lord – Wilhelmus à Brakel

God is Lord and Master over all His creatures and has unrestricted, absolute power and jurisdiction over them – Wilhelmus à Brakel

He who is not diligent in sanctification ought not to complain that it is so dark, and that he perceives so little of God – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Maintain a lively impression that you are but an insignificant creature and seek to persevere in such a spiritual frame – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Continually feed upon the Word of God for by this one grows – Wilhelmus à Brakel

The salvation of man consists in knowing, honoring, and serving God – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Let your reverence for the presence of God prevent your sinning against Him & let it motivate you to live a life pleasing to God – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Please note how much the grace of God differs from your conception of grace – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Should Thy will even be contrary to my natural desires, grant that in such circumstances I may persevere by focusing upon Thy will – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Be more passive in your contemplation of God and allow yourself to be more illuminated with divine light – Wilhelmus à Brakel

In all your perplexities confess with Abraham, “The Lord shall provide” – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Behold, is this not a joyful life, a heaven upon earth, to have such a God as your God who promotes both your welfare & salvation? – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Justification is executed perfectly each time; sanctification always remains imperfect as long as man is upon earth – Wilhelmus à Brakel

He who desires to live joyfully let him strive for holiness – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Who grow are the regenerate. What does not exist can neither be increased nor decreased. Growth presupposes the presence of life – Wilhelmus à Brakel

The activity or deeds of sanctification have a twofold focus: against sin and unto holiness – Wilhelmus à Brakel

How scandalous it is if we are assaulted by the enemy due to our lethargy! – Wilhelmus à Brakel

The more one grows, the more pleasing he will be to God. A father is delighted when his children grow – Wilhelmus à Brakel

It’s a true proverb that says, “Rules teach, but examples attract.” It cannot be expressed in words what a holy life can accomplish – Wilhelmus à Brakel

You are to arise time and again. Make a new beginning every morning and do so especially every sabbath – Wilhelmus à Brakel

He who wishes to be watchful will request someone to awaken him if need be – Wilhelmus à Brakel

We shall not work as a slave. Rather, we shall do so joyfully, since we may serve such a great Lord and compassionate Father – Wilhelmus à Brakel

A godly person has his spiritual winters – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Among all the ways in which the Lord leads His people, spiritual desertion is among the most unique – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Prudence is an absolute necessity, for you are surrounded by your enemies, the devil is crafty, the world is deceptive – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Holiness is not a single virtue, but rather, the shining forth of the image of God – being a combination of many virtues – Wilhelmus à Brakel

Justification and sanctification always coexist in a believer; where the one is, the other will also be present – Wilhelmus à Brakel

All felicity, full satisfaction, and enduring joy of man consists in having communion with God – Wilhelmus à Brakel