William Perkins

Preaching has a twofold value:
1. Gathering the church and bringing together all of the elect
2. It drives away the wolves – William Perkins

The heart of faithful gospel preaching is this:
Preach one Christ,
by Christ,
to the praise of Christ.
Soli Deo Gloria – William Perkins

We must never try to taste the sweetness of the gospel when we have not first swallowed the bitter pill of the law – William Perkins

If a man is ready and prepared to die, sudden death is in effect no death, but a quick and speedy entrance to eternal life – William Perkins

We must not think that God does a thing because it’s good and right, but rather the thing is good and right because God does it – William Perkins

Scripture is the exclusive subject of preaching, the only field in which the preacher is to labour – William Perkins

Theology is the science of living blessedly for ever – William Perkins