Reacties YouTube-kanaal

Dear Mr. de Groot, thank you so much for posting these wonderful hymns. I cannot express how much it means to me to stand, morning and night, and sing with these congregations. Though separated by time and space, yet I know we are still one in spirit. I can feel it, it is so powerful! Your channel has become an absolutely indispensable part of my prayer life, and I felt you needed to know that you are doing something wonderful and important. Thank you from the depths of my heart, and may Jesus bless and protect you.

Thanks for uploading these! Tabernacles hymn book has 857 hymns in! I am looking forward to the day when they are all on YouTube.

This site is so good for my soul. Is there any way to download all that you have on your site for me to take to China, to share with Christians there?

So majestic! So musically excellent! So holy! So unlike anything else! Thank you for posting. A lot of wonderful congregational music could be shared like this, but for some reason we do not see it as worthy of attention like we see soloists and preachers. May the day soon come when we are looking at congregational worship like God looks at it.

Thank you so much, Martijn, for putting these hymns from Met Tab on YouTube. For those of us who are ‘out in the wilderness’ with no sound church near for miles and miles, these hymns are a great blessing and comfort. (…) Have sent the YouTube links to fellow Christians in USA and Australia.

Thank you very much for sharing these precious hymns. I am one of the elders of a reformed baptist church in Costa Rica, Central America. I have been blessed with your channel.

I wanted to say thank you my brother for your YouTube channel on the hymns. Your channel has become part of our family morning worship as we come before the Lord to worship each day. Just wanted you to be encouraged and know how God is using your work in to minister to the body of Christ globally!

Keep up the good work! I have told my fellow brethren at Tabernacle about this channel and they are all impressed.

Thank you and God bless you for your kindness in helping me to enjoy the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the most inspired songs I have ever heard.

The congregational singing is beautiful!

Thank you very much for all your hard work in posting these hymns and sharing with the world, especially for those of us not so privileged to join in singing within these great congregations – a treasure trove indeed.

Is this the church were John MacArthur is the pastor? If so I did not know this kind of beautiful music came from this church. Organ and congregational singing… Beautiful, lovely, wonderful!

To hear this wonderful hymn is one thing, to hear the wonderful voice of the late Dr. Lloyd Jones is another.

How beautiful these hymns of old! How full of reverence! I love them so much.

Thank you, Martijn, for these outstanding uploads! So blessed by these hymns! God bless you!

Thank you for uploading all hymns. very useful to to learn worship and glorify the Lord our God.

Surrounded by such a godless world, it is such a comfort to see the Christians witness shining brightly through. I pray that the Lord may use your hymns to bring someone to Him.

Thank you! I needed this today!

Thank you very much, Martijn, for uploading these wonderful hymns and for all your hard work and dedication to share them with the rest of the world.

I visited the Tabernacle this summer for their School of Theology. That was the first I ever heard this song, and I’m glad to have found it here on YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be any other video on YouTube with this song that I can find, so it’s good work you’re doing, uploading songs like this. I particularly appreciate how this song brings out the magnificence of Calvary.

Thank you so much for putting these marvellous hymns on here. May the Lord richly bless you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to compile the recordings of these wonderful hymns and put them on YouTube. What a blessing.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful work you have done. I love Dr. Lloyd Jones so much. I thank God so much for leading me to his sermons through the internet.

Hi, I am a volunteer minister at a long term care unit in the hospital. We usually go to the hospital to have worship service with old people and they are used to gospel hymns on your channel. I normally download the audio and sing it for them. And I also copy the lyrics and print it for them to sing.

Dear Mr De Groot, I want to express my heart-felt gratitude to you and give thanks to God for the work you have done in producing the YouTube channel. These three churches and their ministers have played a very import part in my spiritual growth in the last few years. I live in Northern Ireland. It has been a tremendous blessing for me. And a great help in my worship to God. May God use you and bless in for His glory as you continue to post these wonderful hymns. Finally, thank you so very much for including the words for each hymn and details as to were they are from and for grouping them as well. Soli Deo Gloria!

I am so grateful to you for putting together these wonderful strengthening hymns from Met Tab. They are a great comfort and help to me when feeling isolated.

Hi Martijn, really love your channel. I’m a minister at a local church in London, and I use some of your videos when I don’t know the tune to some songs or just want to listen to the congregational singing of God’s people. Keep up the good work!

Hello, have been really blest listening to some of the congregational recordings that you have uploaded. (…) Thank you for your labour.

Martijn, I just wanted to get in touch with you to thank you for your wonderful YouTube channel on congregational hymn singing. (…) I also wanted to tell you that I have taken the liberty of embedding one of your videos on the front page of our church website.

I work for a company that sources music for funeral services. We have been asked for a recording you have uploaded to YouTube.

Mr. de Groot, Your work is greatly appreciated, especially the hymns from Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Dear brother in Christ, you have done a good thing in the Lord by bringing these songs together. Just wanted to ask your permission to download them so that we can play/share them with our families and friends.

Best of the spiritual hymns! Today nothing like this. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

Outstanding. Resoundingly great organ playing with first class singing.

Amen! So needed to hear this song this morning!

Oh how I love the words to this hymn. I cried unto the Lord… Amen! Amen!

Excellent job, brother.

It is so rare to find a church that sings the hymns let alone do it well thank you for posting this God bless you.

There is nothing like a full church singing hymns to God, no choir can beat an entire church and choir singing together God’s praise.

Thanks so much for posting these, they have truly blessed me over and over again. Thank you.

Hallelujah! There are still churches that still sing the old old hymns of the church, and they sing with power and fervency!

This YouTube channel is great! Thanks for all the great quality hymns!

Stand up! Stand up and sing with these congregations, even if you are physically alone. No matter how far away in time or space, know that you are one with them in Spirit, and yes! You are truly singing with them, you are there with them. God is outside all time and space, and therefore so is your soul. Try it. You will know I am right; you will feel it in your soul!

Thank you and God bless you for sharing these timeless hymns.

What a glorious rendition of this beautiful hymn. Trying to sing along, I was in tears most of the way through! Would love to visit this church.

Thank you for posting the precious hymns that were accompanied by the most virtuosic and best organist, Stephen Sturz and that got sung at Grace Community Church. I truly am grateful for your works.

Finally I found this great hymn sung and played like it should be. Thank you.

I can’t stop listening to hymns.

Beautiful. Love the organist. Difficult to find churches nowadays that play the good old hymns that are accompanied by a church organist. This place sounds like a church! Current vogue in church music is that many churches attempt to sound like a rock band. This music sounds like a church, not a rock band – awesome!

I learned this version of the hymn in an Anglican church in Tunis in 1973. This hymn also comforted me at a very low point years later.

Love these songs. Reminds me of my heavenly home. Many have gone. Lord make me ready.

Thank you for posting this lovely hymn. I have not heard it in many years so was very pleased to find it today. The words are lovely and so is the tune.

From I first heard this song I was blessed and can listen to and sing it over and over again! Thanks for posting!

What a brilliant mix of worship and praise for Easter Sunday morning. To God be the Glory. Thank you and God bless you for your kindness in helping me to enjoy the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ.